Portfolio Management

Third Party Asset Management

Why use third party asset management when our team can be part of your team?

  • Collaborative Portfolio Management
  • Accessible Management Team
  • Participate in investment committee policy
  • Brand RIA PM Team members as part of your own team
  • White labeled client communications
  • Regular live client calls / webinars

Our Approach:


Our discipline is based on rational decision rules and fundamental analysis. This mitigates careless decision making and emotionally based decision errors.

Masters Approach

Exceptional in-depth research gives us access to highly skilled managers, trading efficiencies, and a sustainable investment thesis.


We believe in diversification to manage asset class risk, but we also believe in selectively exploiting asset class opportunities. We are cost effective where passive management makes sense and will pay for active management when it manages portfolio risk.

Quality of Service

We tailor an investment plan to your clients’ needs and effectively communicate strategy.

In order to construct an appropriate long term portfolio, the client’s objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs are compiled and used to align a client with the proper strategy.

To determine our long term asset allocation, potential returns, risks, and correlations are paired with underlying economic trends such as demographics and geopolitical events to construct a personalized portfolio.

Strategies Built on a Solid Foundation
Investing involves risk including the loss of principal. No strategy assures
success or protects against loss.