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Behind Your Business: Resources Investment Advisors

The Power of Partnership – Resources Investment Advisors is a co-op of Independent Advisors sharing services that strives to make members more competitive by leveraging each other and more profitable through leveraging economies of scale.

We understand your business dilemma. You’re trying to stay abreast of increasing regulatory and litigation risks but are competing against the “big boys” who leverage their size to gain new tools, services and pricing. However, you don’t want to sell everything you’ve worked hard to build just to gain those advantages.

Economies of SCALE Facilitate Growth

  • Specialization – Each job function is led by a full-time specialist allowing for deeper focus and increased productivity.
  • Culture – Keeps business owners in place as primary growth driver but centralizes non-revenue producing functions.
  • Automation – Continuous process improvement and system upgrades drive efficiency and quality.
  • Leverage – Utilize our Compliance, Economics and Portfolio Management professionals to strengthen your offering.
  • Economics – Spread major cost items over multiple firms. Create deliverables or capabilities that smaller firms could not afford on their own.

We understand because we faced the same struggles. Resources Investment Advisors (“RIA”) began in 1987 as a small, local advisory firm focused solely on managing assets for its clients. Today RIA is one of the fastest growing investment advisory firms in the country.*

  • 1987
    Launch of Resources Investment Advisors (“RIA”) as a small, local advisory firm focused on managing assets.
  • 2010
    Bukaty Companies Financial Services Acquires RIA to create a company positioned to assist business owners.
  • 2013
    RIA opens service model to similar firms in a co-op arrangement and affiliate firms begin accessing RIA’s in-house compliance and investment management teams.
  • 2015
    RIA exceeds $4 billion in assets under management. As a result, it can now stand toe-to-toe against other large advisory firms.
  • 2016 and beyond
    RIA will continue to add new affiliate advisors and firms from around the country to continue to increase its size and leverage in the industry.

RIA isn’t a group of business managers looking to control your firm’s operations — we’re a regional financial services firm facing the same daily challenges as you. The difference is that we also manage a cooperative of other, similar firms seeking to leverage each other’s best practices to expand their businesses in a compliant fashion.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this dynamic and growing team, please contact our Affiliate Development Division at 913-338-5300.

*Forbes Magazine “Top 50 Wealth Managers – Fastest Growing RIAs” based on growth in total assets under management as reported March 31, 2011 through March 31, 2013.