Freedom Trust

Realize the value of your plan.

Freedom Trust offers a full spectrum of investment options and retirement plan services.

When it comes to retirement plan pricing and services, not all employers are treated equally. While large companies benefit from lower retirement plan fees and enhanced services, small and mid-size employers often pay significantly more per participant for stripped-down, standardized versions of the same plans. That’s why Freedom Trust was developed. This inventive solution applies the concept of group buying power to retirement plans—giving you access to a retirement plan that simplifies your work, with a focus on retirement outcomes for participants.

Freedom Trust Delivers:

  • 3(38) Investment Manager
  • Flexibility to work with dedicated service providers
  • Diversified investment menu
  • Institutional investment options
  • Discounted group pricing

The value you receive:

Freedom Trust delivers features and perks previously available only to large employers, including:

Competitive Fee Schedules
The Freedom Trust recordkeeper, Empower Retirement, offers servicing for 401(k), profit sharing, 403(b) and other ERISA-based retirement plans with reduced investment and recordkeeping fees based on the buying power the trust creates.

Institutional Investment Options
Freedom Trust selected Resources Investment Advisors, Inc. (RIA) to serve as its investment manager. RIA is responsible for developing a diversified lineup of investment options that leverage the Trust’s size to obtain the competitive share class pricing offered to larger retirement plans.

High-Touch Client Service
A dedicated advisor will conduct an annual analysis to help plan sponsors improve retirement readiness and overall plan satisfaction. Also included are:

  • Expanded fiduciary protection within the guidelines of ERISA
  • High-quality recordkeeping services
  • Ongoing participant education
  • Concierge services to help troubleshoot problems with service providers