Resources Digitally Signs a Deal with Agreement Express

November 15, 2017 – Resources Investment Advisors, Inc. signed a deal with Agreement Express providing prospective affiliate firms faster, smarter, and easier on-boarding. This deal will close the gap with the ability to move transitions of advisors from a multi-month process to a multi-day process. What used to take weeks to prep document work, can now be done in hours. Over the next year there will be multiple tech launches that will make our RIA and the teams it supports more competitive in the market place.

“I’m not normally excited to cut a check, but I’m really excited about this one,” says Vincent Morris, President and Founder of Bukaty’s RIA Resources Investment Advisors. Vincent digitally signed a deal for the Agreement Express onboarding and workflow automation platform in the Agreement Express booth at the Charles Schwab IMPACT 2017 Conference. Going digital not only delivers the digital experience clients crave, but it has the potential to increase RIA productivity by 96% and reduce costs by going paperless.


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