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Moving beyond the “funds, fees, fiduciary” approach is what sets us apart.

As if managing a retirement plan was not sufficiently complex already, new regulations issued by the Department of Labor (“DOL”) will impose new risks on retirement plan sponsors. Specifically, the new DOL rules will expand the definition of “investment advice,” which will result in more service providers being subject to ERISA’s fiduciary standard. However, because many of those providers will not be able to meet the traditional fiduciary requirements imposed by ERISA, the DOL has created new requirements to permit providers to disclose away their conflicts of interest. The net effect of these new rules will be even greater pressure on plan sponsors to conduct rigorous due diligence on their vendors.

Bukaty Companies Financial Services has been focused on the ERISA retirement plan market for many years and, therefore, can offer its clients a wide breadth of knowledge regarding their duties under the law. In addition, unlike other advisors, the firm and its retirement plan advisors will only accept a “level fee” – meaning their compensation does not vary based upon the investment funds or platforms they recommend.

As a result, when you select Bukaty Companies Financial Services to serve as your plan’s investment advisor or investment manager, you can be certain we will work to maximize your fiduciary protection, help ease the administration burdens placed on your organization, and enhance your employees’ retirement readiness by proactively engaging with them.

Defined Benefit Consulting

Today’s volatile markets and ever-changing regulatory environment makes it increasingly difficult for plan sponsors to maintain defined benefit pensions. You need to consider the investment risks your plan creates for your company, how to manage your company’s exposure to those risks, and whether to seek assistance with this responsibility from a third party.

Our comprehensive array of services and professionals help address these concerns and assist you in making important decisions regarding your defined benefit plan, including Investment Management Services, Plan Design Consulting and Pension De-Risking Strategies.

Non-Qualified Executive Benefits

In addition to ERISA-qualified plans, we can help develop non-qualified compensation programs that complement your retirement programs and provide additional benefits to your key executives and other select employees.

In these plans, we employ tax-efficient investment strategies, one-on-one investment counseling, and financial planning for those employees. We have in-depth experience assisting employers with many types of non-qualified plans, including

  • Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans (SERPs)
  • 457 Plans
  • Individual Retirement Bonus (IRB)
  • Traditional Non-Qualified Plans

Supporting Foundations and Endowments

Foundations and endowments make significant impacts in the world through the numerous non-profit causes and support they provide.

It’s critical for organizations to have a clear understanding of the investment choices made on their behalf to create sustainable legacies and long-term financial support for those they affect.

We are dedicated to understanding their investment objectives and applying our expertise to work toward desired investment outcomes.

We simplify the investment decision-making process by working directly with your company to develop suitable and specific goals and expectations by offering services specifically designed for non-profits.

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