Retirement Readiness

Retirement Plan Participation

Your financial success is critical to your company’s retirement plan.

We are constantly striving to improve the outcomes for retirement plan participants. Therefore, educating plan participants on key concepts such as retirement planning, diversification of investments, and adjusting risk is an important part of the services we provide. In addition, we help plan sponsors understand the choices their participants are currently making so they can decide if the plan is succeeding in helping its participants prepare for retirement.

From enrollment to retirement, we implement a customized communication plan for the employees utilizing multiple resources to assist with their individual retirement planning needs. Through on-site workshops, general group meetings, and individual one-on-one sessions for the employees, we help to promote the benefit of the plan and provide multiple communication options.

Our goal is to:

Evaluate Participant Success
We keep it simple by exploring key questions — how much to save, where to invest, or when to retire — to build a retirement plan that is right for your stage in the retirement saving lifecycle.

Optimize Outcomes
We strive to assist you in improving your readiness for retirement through strong communication plans and proactive education to help you understand important investing concepts.

Support Employee Transitions
From enrollment to retirement, the needs of each participant are different, so we can offer one-on-one meetings to address your employees’ specific concerns.